Food Menu

Snacks and Mains

Harry’s Wholesome Salmon Roulade (GF)

Steamed salmon served with chickpea crisp, minced potato, asparagus pickle, and beetroot compote

The Patrons Fav Pan fried veg dumpling (VE)

Served with soy dipping sauce

Marilyn’s Spectacular Spinach & basil Arancini (V, GF)

Cheesy arancini served with marinara sauce, beetroot relish served with parmesan powder

Paco’s Tacos (VE, NF)

Braised jackfruit served with classic salad, steamed rice, red kidney beans, coconut yogurt,served on a fried taco with lemon

Eddie’s Epic Slider Baguette-potato (VE, V, NF)

Potato patty spiced with chili, cumin and coriander served with spicy mint sauce on a toasted garlic baguette served with fries

Barney’s Brilliant Lamb kofta served with tzatziki sauce

Spiced 40/60 lamb mince grilled and served with tzatziki sauce, fried crisps, cracked pistachio

The fans fantastic fried chicken (GF, NF)

Fried chicken tossed with cajun seasoning and served with lemon pepper mayo

Piripi’s Perfect pork quesadillas (NF)

Chili pork with melted mozzarella toasted with tortilla served with lemon wedges and coriander

Gary the Grouch’s angus beef sliders (NF)

Grilled beef patty served with melted cheddar cheese, mint sauce, beetroot relish served on a baguette with fries

The Brewers Epic Loaded wedges

With bacon and melted cheese served with chili sour cream

Patron IPA battered prawn (NF)

Served with coconut mango yogurt, pickled ginger, and lemon ring

Barney’s Fish nirvana (GF, NF)

Fried fish served with turmeric spiced coconut cream sauce comes with lemon wedges

The Jester’s cowboy beans dip (V)

Served with toasted almonds, olive oil and toasted focaccia

Manu’s Tu Meke Bar Staple Curly fries (V)

Served with mango mayo, tahini sauce, garlic aioli


(choose 2: $18, choose 3: $26, choose 4: $35)

Peppermint TruffLe (GF)

ChocoLate Mousse (GF)

Choc Au CraqueiLn

Coconut Dacquoise